2015. január 20., kedd

Hello Rita!

Moszkvában az ősszel nagyon kedves élményben volt részem: megismerkedtem a Liza és Micsoda sorozat szerzőjével, Jean-Pierre Arrou-Vignod-val. (A sorozat magyarul a Vivandra kiadó gondozásában jelent meg.) Ebben a hónapban az Író Cimborák témája: Levelezzünk!, ami arról szól, hogy mesehősöknek írunk levelet. Az új ismeretség örömére úgy döntöttem, Jean-Pierre Lizájának fogok írni - a szöveg az Író Cimborák oldalán olvasható. Emma volt olyan kedves, és lefordította angolra, ezt pedig itt olvashatjátok:

Hello Rita. I’m watching you. In hiding. I even know your name.

I see you in the morning and I see you at night, but only when you open your window. I almost have X-ray eyes that can see through walls. Almost.

I see you when you go to school. Your carrying that heavy bag which is filled with a pocketdog.

Ridiculous. Pocketdog. Why do you need a pocketdog? It’s not good for anything.

It steps into all the puddles and doesn't even clean it’s paws when it comes into the house. The whole apartment will be a mess and mom and dad will be, of course, frustrated.

It’s ears dangle into the bowl while it eats, and everything’s smeared with food around it.

It lay lazily like it was to be dead, and when you’d want to rest, it jumps up and down around the room as if it swallowed a frog.

It chews your ballet shoes to shreds. And your slippers. And your boots too. What will you put under the Christmas tree when Santa comes?

It gobbles up your food, but only if you like it. When you want it to eat something you don’t like, because eeeew, there’s too much butter in it, and your mom can’t see that you didn’t eat it, then, of course, it won’t eat it for you. Even if you bribe it with gummy bears.

And it doesn’t like girly games. It does everything boyishly.

I think you don’t need a pocketdog at all.

I think you need me.

You will find me on your front porch, behind the trash cans. Come for me.


Ps.: Okay, the pocketdog can stay, I assume I can tolerate it, even if it's totally useless, but maybe... perhaps... you might have another pocket?

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